How your brand will benefit

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    Enhanced visibility and brand awareness

    Through Made in Moris, you have access to a platform of communication with national reach, public events, favourable media partners, high visibility on the web and on Made in Moris’ Facebook, Instagram and other social networks, which enhances your brand’s visibility and attractiveness.

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    A reputed benchmark for quality

    Through our collaboration with SGS, Made in Moris guarantees that all member brands comply with a set of strict requirements. Knowing this, your clients are guaranteed a high quality and dependable product.

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    Fruitful synergies

    Labeled products originate from businesses that are dedicated to our island’s social, environmental and economic development. Joining Made in Moris means integrating a network of driven entrepreneurs who share the same system of values and beliefs.

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    Continuous improvement

    Joining Made in Moris is a commitment to continuous improvement, which boosts your business and uplifts your employees. SGS pays a visit to your business premises and offers you an objective view of your activities, guiding you on your journey toward continuous improvement.

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    Product differentiation and competitive advantage

    The Made in Moris label stands as a beacon of national pride, encouraging the purchase and consumption of products that were manufactured in Mauritius. At the same time, it allows you to distinguish yourself from a wide range of imported products, reaffirming and strengthening your local footprint.

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    Margin of preference for public contracts

    If you are an SME competing for tenders, you may be wondering how bearing the Made in Moris certification could be useful to you. From 2019 onwards, SMEs have been benefiting from a Margin of Preference of 40% on their locally manufactured goods.

« Nos employés, les Maurilaitiers, vivent concrètement le terme « ena nou lame ladan ! ». Fabriquer des produits Made in Moris de qualité est une source de fierté et d’engagement ; cela donne du sens au travail de chacun. ».

Christian Maudave

Directeur Ressources Humaines de Maurilait

How does it work?

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    Complete and submit the online evaluation form online as this will allow us to know if your brand meets the Made in Moris eligibility criteria. Once we your application, we will contact you to better understand your business and your motivations to be part of Made in Moris.

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    If your brand is found to be eligible, you will receive the membership application pack accompanied by an explanatory video. Please complete and send it back to us.

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    After submitting your membership application, SGS, our "quality" partner, will contact you to schedule a compliance visit to your company.

How much does it cost?


Are you a registered member of ‘SME Mauritius’?

As such you are eligible to a grant that covers up to Rs 50, 000 of your Made in Moris fees through the “Made in Moris Scheme.”


Reminder: a SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) is a company with a turnover of less than Rs 50 million.


Get an estimate of your contribution amount (excluding taxes) using our calculator tool below.

Simply select the turnover range that applies to your business!


The compliance visit, conducted by our partner for quality standards, the SGS with the Made in Moris,  is subject to a unique fee calculated according to your turnover.


Turnover of  < Rs 10 million - Compliance visit fee of Rs 7500 +vat 

Turnover of > Rs 10 million - Compliance visit fee of Rs 11500+vat





For companies with a turnover of < Rs 50 millions


For companies with a turnover of > Rs 50 million


Group rate

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