Made in Moris

Who are we?

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We are Made in Moris!

A young label, with great responsibility: that of authenticating the Mauritian roots of a product.


A badge of support for our manufacturers and entrepreneurs who are the heart and soul of our economy and who put Mauritius on the map of the world. Made in Moris was born from a deep sense of pride and confidence in our local know-how, made apparent in our signature in Creole “Ena nou lame ladan!”


Our promise


  • Remain committed to quality and innovation

  • Boost creativity and encourage continuous improvement

  • Support the preservation of local jobs

  • Promote our local know-how

  • Foster inclusiveness and opportunities for all in the local economy



Did you know?


For a brand to be Made in Moris-certified, it must meet two mandatory criteria related to substantial transformation and added value. Every brand is also subject to a set of strict specifications.



Why believe in us?

Made in Moris is managed by a team of passionate professionals

We have been operating successfully for over 10 years and our mission is to make a lasting contribution.

The brand is well known and popular among Mauritians.

Members are committed to quality and continuous improvement.

Key figures

    +  80%

    Mauritians across all generations recognise the label.

    +  75%

    Mauritians believe the label generates employment opportunities.


    Mauritians are familiar with at least one of the label’s fields of activity.


    Mauritians agree that the label contributes to the growth of the Mauritian economy and local production.

    + 70%

    Mauritians believe the label enables local manufacturers to showcase their expertise and know-how.

    + 65%

    Mauritians believe the label offers access to a network of entrepreneurs.


    Believe the label is a way for Mauritians to easily pick out products that are adapted to their preferences.


    Mauritians believe the label is a symbol of our Mauritian identity.


    Mauritians feel a sense of pride when buying products that bear the label.

Our values

  • Citizenship

  • Responsibility

  • Determination

  • Unifying

  • Innovative

  • Perennial

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