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Archemics Ltd



Otentic brand is a local brand recently launched which covers all our personal care and beauty care range. The product concept, formulation and manufacturing is all done locally in our on site laboratory and our new GMP ISO 22716 complaint production facility. We work with all the big hotel industry to develop their amenities products following strict cahier de charges. We also help in developing concept and sourcing local and regional active ingredients . We benefit from a French, British and German expertise in formulation development. Depending on customer requirements , we develop natural range , classic range or luxury range. products can be : skincare, hair care,hygiene products , perfume amongst others. we ensure that we integrate sustainability and eco-design in our product development and production. Pure, Naturii are amongst the categories. The otentic brand is for now mainly B2B , and in future we will be targeting the B2C market. customers we develop for are amongst others Attitude , Veranda, Constance, Outrigger amongst others