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Archemics Ltd


The P3 is an industrial /professional brand for cleaning and maintenance in B2B environments targeting hospitality industry, healthcare, agro and food industryies amongst others. P3 have products such as multipurpose cleaners, disinfectants, acid and alkaline cleaners, professional laundry product range, industrial dishwashing etc amongst others. Many of our products in this category has meet the AISE environmental safety check . The containers are collected , washed and reused again before being converted to outdoor furniture. The key product names in this brand are GV opaline, Excess, Deepclean, Duotex, Sanigel 70, Virex , Crio amongst other. We benefit from Le Laboratoires Rochex in the technology transfer of some key products as well. we work closely with industry to continually improve our formulations and tailor made based on industry applications.