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MIPS IT Digital Ltd


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MIPS at its core offers intelligent payment solutions. Specialising in a digital payment ecosystem, it offers a smart solution for eCommerce, distant payment collections, in-app payments, on the spot payments, and Near Field Communications (NFC) payments - Airpay. The MIPS ethos and tagline are “Payment Connecting Worlds”; that is the act of payment bringing together different universes: buyers, merchants, financial institutions, and third-party software services. It is in this spirit that MIPS continues to open its doors (or APIs) to create an ecosystem of integrated players that can work together to propose effective and modern solutions to business challenges in Mauritius, the Indian Ocean, and the African Continent. Through the concept of interconnectedness, also arises MIPS SmartCommerce. 

"MIPS has been conceived, developed, and integrated by a Mauritian team for Mauritian Merchants. It is a digital Payment Ecosytem made in Mauritius. It is local based know-how born from Mauritian brains, hands and efforts. Our logo with the Mauritian Flag colours is in line with our philosophy – Made in Mauritius. Ideas, efforts and commitment of our Mauritian team are recognized through this label."

Sébastien Le Blanc