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BEM Enterprises Ltd

BEM Recycling

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Founded in 1994, BEM Recycling is a family business specializing in the management and recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Located since 2017 at La Chaumière, St-Matin, the first stage of recycling consists firstly in the depollution of the WEEE to recover the dangerous components such as the oils, gas, batteries, etc.... Then afterwards the carcasses are worked mechanically in order to be categorized and valorized into secondary materials, i.e. plastic pellets, crushed glass, ferrous metals, etc. All while promoting the concepts of a circular, green, sustainable and local economy Thus, BEM Recycling has the knowledge of locally processing all types of electronic products which are at the end of their life, either from a small electronic device to the largest of devices, i.e. from a mobile phone to a microwave, a printer or even a refrigerator. With these 3 axes which are the depollution of WEEE, the revival of the material and awareness around good practices, BEM is committed to the aspect of circularity while applying a policy of "Zero Landfill Policy".