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Helios Eyewear

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Helios Eyewear is the first brand of eyewear "Made in Moris" (aka Made in Mauritius), using the beautiful, multi-faceted island as a source of inspiration. The eyewear collection is of particular appeal to the young and trendy, action-oriented customer, as well as to those who value comfort and eye-protection. It is a brand that is original, authentic and responsible by being present on the Mauritian scene and supporting local brands via partnerships as well as encouraging the consumption of eco-responsible products. The brand thrives in its' eco-conscious endeavor by always proposing products and alternative that are eco-friendly and by setting up their eyewear recycling service. They have numerous collections that vary from polarized and 100% UV protected adult sunglasses, 100% UV protected kids sunglasses and even an optical collection for both, adults and children, with either blue light blocking lenses or demo lenses so that an optometrist can insert prescription lenses. Manufactured by Plastinax Eyewear, Helios Eyewear is a concentrate of more than 30 years of experience in the production of quality eyewear for major international brands. This is why we are able and are confident when giving you a one-year guarantee on all manufacture defects.

Helios Eyewear chooses to be under the label "Made in Moris" to certify and proudly show that we are a local brand with products that are known internationally for its' quality. We support a circular economy and show that our local labor is one with many assets and know-how.

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